Roadside Assistance Emergency Kit: What You Need to Prepare

With a roadside emergency kit at hand can prove to be helpful when it is required. The difference between being stranded on the road for hours, or getting back onto the road lies on these tools. So let’s examine what you need to carry for this emergency kit.

Prepare Your Kit

A roadside emergency kit needs to have some essential items, and one should also consider custom make it in order to meet your needs and demands.

You may have different needs during different seasons; thus it is wise to have a kit catered to each and different seasons. For instance, you may want to have a de-icer and warm clothing for the cold season. Thus, have a backup and multiple emergency kits prepared in advance.

Pack the emergency kit based on the current weather condition in your area. For example, if you are living in the sunny south west, you probably will need more water and cooling items, instead of ice scrapers and warm blankets.

Prepare items and supplies which can suit individual needs. If you have baby and infants, you may want to prepare extra diapers at hand.

Essential Items

There are many items which can go into that roadside emergency kit, but the following are some of the most important ones:

  • Jumper cables – this is important because the car battery may go flat at unexpected times. Ensure that quality cables with sturdy, large clamps and are bought, and check to see if the cables are long enough to reach from battery to battery.
  • Drinking water – When you are stranded on the road during summer, a cup of water can make the heat at least withstandable. It can prove to be a lifesaver in extreme circumstances.
  • Motor oil – With motor oil at your hand, it can keep your automobile going when you forget to check the oil before heading out and something goes wrong during the journey.
  • Warm clothing and blankets – During winter, especially in the northern region where the climate is cold, get ready warm clothing and blankets in your roadside emergency kit can not only keep you warm but even save your life. You never know how long you’ll be stranded, so you should prepare for the worst.
  • Water and coolant – A bottle of water and coolant (1 gallon) can extremely helpful when the weather is hot or if there is a leak somewhere in the cooling system.

Some other items you can also consider to bring along:

Ice scraper
First-aid kit
Granola bars
Jack and spare tire
Phone charger
Reflectors and flares
Roadside reflective warning triangle
Small shovel
Tire gauge
Tire pump

Of course, one most important item you want to bring along is your cell phone. You will absolutely need it in case you need to contact for assistance. It is also advisable to prepare the telephone number of towing and roadside assistance provider in the area you will be traveling in.

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