Tips to Prevent Vehicle Engine from Overheating

While you are driving, you notice the temperature gauge rising, and you what has gone wrong. An overheated engine is preventable, however, it can also occur unexpectedly. That is because there are many reasons which can cause a car engine to overheat. For instance, most automobiles are prone to overheating in the hot summer months. But overall, an engine overheat is due to certain obstruction in the cooling system, which causes the inability of the cooling system to dispel, transfer and absorb heat. You can prevent encountering such a situation if you take appropriate care for your engine.

Examine Your Radiator

The radiator is one of the most essential elements of the engine when it comes to overheating. It is necessary for maintaining your vehicle operating in severe weather conditions. Most overheating concerns are a consequence of the radiator being blocked or damaged. Ensure that you have your radiator checked when you take your automobile for servicing. Adding antifreeze is a significant part of the service. It can help prevent overheating by increasing the boiling point of the water in the cooling system. It is advisable that you check the level of antifreeze in the radiator of your vehicle and top it off when needed.

Flush the Cooling System

Flushing the cooling system is important, yet it does not require much cost.
Residue, rust, metal particles and dirt will clog the car system over a period of time. This will decrease the effectiveness of the system. When the cooling system of your vehicle is jeopardized, it will cause the engine overheating, expensive repairs or engine failures.

Air Conditioning

Hot air and high speed will negatively impact the engine of your vehicle; so are traffic jams. In order to avoid engine breakdown, you may want to ensure the air condition system is running at top capacity.

It is advised that you take your vehicle for air conditioning services. The services may include air-con replacement for worn out parts or recharge. In addition, you may want to have your automobile fully serviced if you need to go for a long road trip during the summer.

Replace Engine Part

The engine is likely to face several issues, which include worn out hoses and fittings. Changing the hoses and fittings is necessary for ensuring the engine to withstand heat in hot weather. When some parts of the engine are worn out, they will begin to not endure the high temperature and pressure produced within the engine, which can cause engine failure. Changing these parts at the regularly will help you to prevent expensive repairs.


If your vehicle has a faulty thermostat, it can block the flow of coolant. The thermostat is a heat-sensitive valve that closes and opens in response to the temperature of the engine. When remains in the closed position, the cooling will be blocked from passing through and do its duty.

Vehicle servicing is important in ensuring the performance of your vehicle. In addition, it is actually less costly to go for regular servicing, than to deal with blown engine parts which can result in engine breakdown.

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